Gridra Background Image (selected artwork from our architectural visualization gallery)

Archydra GmbH - 3D Scanning & Visualization

Archydra GmbH offers a non-linear, artistically-evaluated approach to delivering our services. We focus on finding and executing what best suits you and your needs, rather than placing projects down an assembly line. Nonetheless, our quality standards ensure everything we deliver makes the right impression. At the same time, we ensure our work retains a unique artistic look. Our goal is to make sure your dream becomes a vision, a vision that will inspire people to follow you and your ideas.

Artistic architectural visualization of a residential project

Architectural Visualization is one of our primary fields of expertise. As with everything we do, our approach is artistically-driven. We follow methodology and tradition, but we focus on the final product and it's impact, rather than the process. We are capable of working in various styles and invoke different moods through our work. We like to experiment, but only to discover; never to copy.

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3D Scan of a character: the Hoodie

We offer 3D Scanning for objects of all kinds, including people and characters. With years of experience in scanning, scan data clean-up and processing, we have the right skill to bring pieces of reality into your digital project. Furthermore, we have the right expertise in 3d modeling and texturing, ensuring the objects will look just as real once digitized.

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Real time project: interactive walk through a medieval castle

Archydra GmbH offers Interactive Content production services. This enables us to extend our 3D Scanning and Visualization services and help you reach new grounds and audiences. We focus on real-time content using video game engines running on all kinds of standalone and mobile platforms. Examples of such projects are virtual walks, 3D content viewers, product placement & promotional games, interactive historical guides and much more. We are always open to developing new and unique ways to leverage your success.

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